Weaving Wishes for the River


Target audience: ages up to 8, Families, Teachers

The importance of the Yarra as a life force of Melbourne will be celebrated in a program especially designed for children in the early years.

The Weaving Wishes for the River will involve early years children (aged up to 8) taking part in a collaborative weaving of ribbons at the Arts Learning Festival village.

The event will take place on the lower terrace of Birrarung Marr on Saturday 6 May, between 2.00 and 4.00 pm. Children’s wishes will be scribed onto ribbons and woven into a collaborative artwork.

The event is free but bookings are required.

Through contact with the river and environs, the project will develop awareness of the Yarra and capture children’s wishes for the river.

During the event, educators, families and children will be able to listen to Michael Johnson, a well-known Melbourne musician and storyteller. Michael’s music has been composed in response to the Yarra River and other inspirational environmental features in Melbourne and Victoria.

To enhance the project, we encourage families to take their young children on independent excursions to the banks of the Yarra River and to the Royal Botanic Gardens during the upcoming autumn school holidays.  This will heighten the children’s awareness of the beauty and uses of the Yarra.

We look forward to meeting many students, families and educators during this collaborative event, which captures the festival’s theme of unlimited imagination.

For more information, contact the Arts Learning Festival team.