Observe, Wonder, Share

Target audience: Primary and Secondary Students

We are introducing an exciting new program to the Arts Learning Festival that you can participate in from your classroom.

Each fortnight, we will highlight an uncaptioned art work or artefact. We ask you to engage with your students and encourage them to look carefully at the image. We would then like the students to think about three questions, the second two in particular, form part of the Great Books Foundation’s Shared Inquiry method of learning.

  • What did you observe/notice?
  • What did you wonder?
  • What will you share?

Students of all ages are able to join the conversation by clicking on the comment button and posting in the box. Teachers of younger students will write what their students have to say. Students are also encouraged to extend their thinking by reading or hearing what other students have to say. We would love them to comment back.

Once a fortnight our facilitator will paraphrase comments and link the responses to help students’ understanding go deeper. Eventually information about the piece will be revealed and students will be encouraged to verbalise or even write about how this information has affected their thinking. Hopefully the students will be keen to delve deeper and further these findings.

‘Art affords an ideal environment for [fostering critical and creative thinking]. It provides an object of collective attention—something concrete for a classroom to observe and experience, provoking thoughts and feelings while at the same time generating simultaneous and distinctive meanings.’

– Abigail Housen from Art Viewing and Aesthetic Development

Visit the Art Reflections page to take part in the discussion.