Flying Carpet

Target audience: all ages

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Come help the team from the Education Department of the Castello di Rivoli turn something ordinary into something magical.

At festival village at Birrarung Marr, students at our free Flying Carpet workshops will work together to weave an extraordinary carpet from scraps and rags, with each strand representing different cultures and points of view.

Ultimately, the experiences and perspectives of each artist will combine to create a carpet that represents our community as a whole.

The Flying Carpet project was originally launched in 1996 at a school in Turin before being extended to all of the schools in the area. The district had a growing migrant population and was challenged by the needs of culturally disparate groups. Through the ancient art of weaving, the community rewove its own social fabric for positive change.

This collaborative art project gives participants the opportunity to imagine looking at the world from a carpet in the sky, where they can see the hopes and dreams of individuals and the community intertwined.