Digital Art Conversations at the Justin Art House (JAHM)

Please note that this program has now unfortunately been cancelled. We will keep you informed of further projects with the Justin Art House Museum.

Target audience: Teachers

Based on the work on show in the Digital exhibition at the JAHM, participants in this workshop on Wednesday 3 May will be invited to reflect on how contemporary art, with its diversity, eclecticism, and absence of a uniform organising principle, ideology, or label, challenges us to teach and learn across disciplinary aisles.  

The workshop, run by Dr Flossie Chua, from the Harvard Graduate School of Education will introduce participants to how the working processes and artwork of contemporary artists both articulate and challenge the way we explore ideas, concepts and issues.

The Justin Art House Museum (JAHM) is an initiative of Charles and Leah Justin, who are passionate collectors of contemporary art. Through their house museum, they hope to share both their collection and their passion for art with the public.