Design, Create + Tech exhibition

Target audience: all ages


See the amazing results when the arts and technology comes together in our schools at the Design, Create + Tech exhibition at the Atrium at Federation Square.

This student exhibition highlights the work Victorian schools are doing with their junior and senior students to broaden their understanding and experience of the ways technology and the arts work together.

Global movements such as Maker and the adoption of ‘maker spaces’ in schools is just one example of these successful and popular practices in education.

The exhibition will feature the MAKEDO student workshop for a hands on experience. Be sure to book you place!

Come and see how arts and technology can work together to create rich diverse and unexpected outcomes.

TASK Party – Friday, 5 May, 10am – 1pm

As part of Design, Create + Tech, join us for a TASK party, an open-ended, participatory event that offers almost unlimited opportunities for participants to imagine, interact and play with one another and the environment.

TASK parties are a series of improvisational events held in cities throughout the world created by New York-based artist Oliver Herring. They are spontaneous group-art events that encourage participants to envision possibilities and develop a sense of autonomy and freedom in creating. At TASK parties, participants respond to tasks from a TASK box and interpret the tasks using materials provided onsite.

The party will be facilitated by Dr Flossie Chua, from Harvard School of Education, and will be held in The Balcony at the Atrium.

Design , Create + Tech will be in the Atrium at Federation Square.