Abi-Tanti – Castello di Rivoli

The Abi-Tanti

The team from the Education Department of the Castello di Rivoli will bring to Melbourne and the Arts Learning Festival their acclaimed program, the Abi-Tanti, at the Immigration Museum.

Abi-Tanti translates to the migrating multitude. The project uses a large number of objects of varying design and size, each marked by a different exterior, yet built around a shared wooden base common to all objects.  Through building their own version of the Abi-Tanti, the project encourages children and adults to consider the concepts of identity, difference and the encounter with otherness.

Since its original development in Turin, the Abi-Tanti installation has travelled across Italy and through other parts of Europe, including the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.

The Abi-Tanti will offer student workshops on Wednesday 3 May, Thursday 4 May and Friday 5 May, as well as weekend sessions for the wider community.

Image: Education Department, Castello di Rivoli.