Biomedical Animation

Target audience: Senior Art and Biology Students, Teachers

What is Biomedical Animation? Find out as scientific animator, Dr Maja Divjak, uses stunning 3D computer graphics and animation to explain and illustrate the unseen world of molecules in our bodies.

In Arts Learning Festival workshops at the Arts Centre, Dr Divjak will lead students through a typical project, in which she brings her skills as a scientist and artist together. The workshops, aimed at senior secondary art and biology students, are on Wednesday 3 May, Thursday 4 May and Friday 5 May.

Dr Divjak will also conduct a teacher workshop on Thursday 4 May.

This cutting-edge visual technology allows Dr Divjak to explain complex ideas and processes in a clear, accessible and fun way. And in her words:

‘…to use animation as an educational tool, to inspire interest in and love for science, and ultimately help people appreciate the beauty and drama going on in their own bodies at any given moment.’

You can read our interview with Dr Divjak and watch a video of some of her amazing work here.