Arts Access Victoria – Wheelie Bin Obscura, Deaf Slam Poety

Student drawing with Wheelie Bin Obscura

Target audience: all ages, Families

The amazing Arts Access Victoria is all about art for everyone, with a festival program for all students and the wider community.

During the Arts Learning Festival, Arts Access Victoria, the state’s leading arts and disability organisation, will provide a range of programs, based in its Nebula studio in the festival village at Birrarung Marr.

From Wednesday 3 May to Friday 5 May, there will be morning Wheelie Bin Obscura drawing and photography student workshops.

The bins are an example of the very first type of camera – an obscure camera.

The bins have a lens that projects an image onto a flat surface at the top of the bin. When viewed under a hood the image can be traced, resulting in very accurate representations of people and landscapes.

In the afternoon, students can attend Slam Poetry workshops led by Deaf artists. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about Deaf culture and the Slam Poetry that is performed by Deaf artists. Students will learn visual and physical theatre techniques that they can use when performing slam poetry. 

Arts Access will also offer free family workshops on the weekend of the festival. The activity for the weekend is Monoprinting – making individual one-off prints using inks and rollers with mono print boards.