Smiling Figure


Teachers, students, take part in the discussion and share your observations and wonderings in the comments below about this statue.

  • What a joyful character, I wonder if he is celebrating something. Could he be dancing?
  • I notice that the figure has been broken and so assume he is very old. I wonder why he was created.
  • I observe a fine array of jewellery and a patterned skirt. Perhaps the figure is female?
  • Could it be a salamander in his hand?
  • I notice and wonder about the item in his mouth. Is it a disk? His tongue? Food?
  • I notice one finger on his hand is much shorter. Why? What about the small holes at the top edge of his head-dress. What were they for?

Please share your wonderings with us in the comments below and come back to see what others have to say.